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bay bridge this morning. we are back to heavy traffic on the day bridge. your ride on the san mateo bridge, a little more volume, but no real problems. there are no delays across the sand or on the approach. heavier volume on the golden gate bridge. to there does not appear to be a problem in the marin county with the south downs commute. drive times are still 32 minutes from navato to the toll plaza and your trip across the bridge is in the fall but without delay. >> we are going to check the big board. we are more than
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a half-hour into trading. the dow is looking good again. we are well above 11,000. 11,284. the dow is up 108.. we're hoping that we can hold and close up again. >> the congressional budget office just put out new figures saying that the budget deficit will hit 1.28 trillion dollars this year. that is down slightly from the previous two years. this non-partisan agency said that the budget deficit will be reduced over the next decade partly because of the deficit reduction package that congress passed earlier this month., budget office is projecting a modest economic growth over the next two years with unemployment rates falling 2012. come after this commercial break we will be going live to washington dc. they are updating everyone on the earthquake that hit
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the east coast. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. here is a live look from walnut creek. a lot of sunshine.
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>> have been talking about the decor earthquake on the east coast. we also had some wrestling in the bay area. the magnitude 3.6 center
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near san leandro near the hayward fault. people throughout the east of san francisco, the peninsula and marin, even up to santa rosa. about five minutes later there was a 2.3 magnitude aftershock. hakka >> we are waiting here for the press conference from the mayor of washington and washington d.c. who will be talking about the earthquake of that was killed in the city. monuments in the nation's capital are closed for the day.
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>> look at these pictures out of california. in lincoln, a perk frame -- a propane truck exploded. as you can see, the fire is still going strong this morning. look at all of those flames. the red cross has set up evacuation centers for those who aren't written in the evacuation zone. -- for all of those
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in the evacuation zone. >> take a look at former first lady nancy reagan. she caused quite a scare her, she fell down. she was pulled up by marco rubio. she stumbled but she is ok. she is 90 years old. run >> other deaths reported at yosemite national park. park rangers to recover the body of a man who either fell or jumped from the summit of the iconic half dome. he plunged 4,000 ft. to his desk. a group of rock climbers saw someone fall because it was night a rescue team was not discussed until up yesterday morning. hundred located the body yesterday afternoon. that is the seventeenth to
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death this year in yosemite. the water has been held for days in pescadero. the water system broke down late monday night. the pescadero communism will advisory committee said the primary, had been no functioning for a week but went undetected because the alarm system was undetected. >> and bay area weather, let's get the latest on the forecast. >> a little the fall came on to the coastline. if you're
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riding on the golden gate bridge, be prepared. 60s by noon. keck >> a and monday in san jose, mid-60s. by 9:00 a.m., a mixture of sixties in the '70s woman to the 80s by this afternoon. it. he will
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warm to about 76 in mountain view. kron factory the east bay, upper 60s and low 70's. san francisco today, we were at 75 yesterday, today, 65. low 60s along the coastline.
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>> a potential hot spots, westbound highway 43 antioch. dr pepper a crash was reported at will pass route. the drive time is about 45 minutes into congress from antioch. at the day bridge toll plaza,
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on the san mateo bridge, the ride has been a problem free not only westbound but also eastbound. traffic across the span is still moving well. >> 7:21 a.m., we will be back in just a couple of minutes. omaha should stop
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but i picked
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>> from an unknown location, muammar gaddafi has told libyans to free tripoli. >> san jose police department is selecting a new assistant chief of police. he was appointed to take the place of diane irvin who left san jose to become the chief of police in hayward.
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>> to debate. newsgroup is combining most of their daily newspapers. this will affect about one dozen newspapers.813 it will be- combine440as an and5200 only 2.108 newspapers will be one of two brands. it will either because the east bay tribune or the *. this also comes with 120 job cuts. >> we will be right back @ kron 4 morning news continues. >> we just spoke with caltrans to find out if there were any stalls causing this back up on the bay bridge. standard but of
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coat upon whom across amm
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>> >> the group anonymous and border leaders are going to go head-to-head today. bart officials are to talk about what they can do and how to address the problems.
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>> anonymous ones all of their demands to be met or else they will be processing every monday. the police
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officer folded it was necessary to open fire on the transient and killed him. people say was the knife was gone there is no need for him to fire. they want the case to be reopened. we will toluol double points anonymous is asking for one week has come back. i asked viewers, now that they know the demands, do they think the demands are fair? i am not sure that viewers are sympathizing with the group anonymous. here is the look of some of the responses.
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>> if you like to join in on this discussion, like us on facebook and leave your own comments. >> shortly after 11:30 p.m. there was a 3.6 magnitude earthquake near the hayward fault in san leandro. it was widely felt around the bay area for about 5.5 mi.. about five minutes later there was a week after shock. more on the east coast earthquake as the cleanup continues. even the
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president felt in martha's vineyard. the impact was caught on tape near the nation's capital. checkout this liquor store. a surveillance video, employees were holding onto shelves. this was the strongest earthquake to strike the east coast since world war two. there were no deaths or serious injuries reported but closures of some major monuments. >> , the washington
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monument and the national cathedral were both closed. here are more pictures to show ya washington d.c.. ha ha >> in new york city, where kurds were standing around in the middle of the day, unsure of what to do what with themselves. there was damage not only in washington, but philadelphia, new york, you can see people shocked. there was fear that this was a terrorist attack. it is
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such a rare situation. you could understand why people did not know what is happening. many headlines that have been reading talk about the difference between the bay area having an earthquake last night and i hear people my >> we have been trappintrackinga hot spot on highway 4 at will pass route. it is on the shoulder but has added a second wave of slow traffic. will pass route is
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already heavy. looking at the bridges, the bay bridge back up is a pretty good one. by that i need a good size. it is backed up to the berkeley curve. on the san mateo bridge, we are a problem free but it is heavy on the span and on the approach. the golden gate bridge ride 101 southbound,
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still in the fault and is still heavy traffic. her hot hike >> and temperatures are much cooler today. 60s along the coast, '70s and '80s inland. there is a slight chance of a pop of thunderstorms. right now the moisture is a well to the north. we're still going to keep that chance. about 10 degrees cooler than
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yesterday. your highs today are warming into the upper 80s, los gatos and morgan hill, 88. 82 for santa clara and we will stay at about 73 in mountain view.
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>> sodalities other 56 right now. we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. -- and the dow is up 56 right now. jim-from jujuy
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>> how water is not safe to
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drink without being boiled and pescadero. >> that means we can open our restaurant because the water has not been tested, it could be contaminated. even though we have a wall of water it cannot be drunk unless it is boiled. >> until the pump is 6, the problems the water and will be an issue. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. we have our programming change to tell you about tomorrow.
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>> is risk of an explosion after a propane tank is showing signs of melting. despite efforts to cool the tender with water, the tanker is coming apart and melting. the liquid propane, fire last night. 5000 homes have been evaluated. they have had evacuation's overnight and they have closed down schools in the area. fun the concern is growing that there could be an explosion. that could cause a fire ball. with how
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this is something that we're monitoring outside of san francisco. >> we have new information, the police standoff that close a portion of interstate 580, we have a newly released photographs of the gunmen, peter thomas. he fired several shots out of his hotel window towards the interstate. that is when they closed down the richmond san rafael bridge. he was wanted for a commercial restore stabbing in san rafael. here was the scene during a confrontation outside of this extended stay hotel. that ended after three hours when officers found, is dead inside of his hotel room. >> to the giants then beaten at dodger stadium is getting worse. the family of a bryan stowe's says he has been running a high fever. tests show that he is developing new infections. things looked more in purchase last week. now, that is not the case. he was attacked after
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the march 31st season opener after the giants. he was walking with three other friends after the game and two men approached and from behind and hit him. >> we have been tracking delays on highway 4. their ride westbound, the backups have been sold. this stretch but it is no one a solid block of below 25 mi. per hour traffic. the drive time is still running at about 48-49 minutes from antioch and to convert. it should be about 33 minutes at this time of the day. it is still a hot spot. really, the only alternate would of been will pass road but it is already very heavy, 680 southbound
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is typically slow from pleasant hill. again this is a more typical cost will time pattern. continuing with a bridge check, the debris, a 20 minute drive time from the macarthur maze for the westbound ride. we have noticed a big change in the last week and a half. the san mateo bridge is still heavy but it easier drive time. 13 minutes with no drive time reporter across the span. through marin county, the drive times are still under 40 minutes.
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>> a little bit of fog clinging to the coastline. temperatures in the east bay will cool down like everywhere else this afternoon. partly cloudy conditions through oakland. here is a look right now at your temperatures. bob 1/4
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to san francisco will drop about 10 degrees from yesterday's. about 86 today and fairfield. your 7 day around the bay does not show much change for fluctuation in temperatures. the morning fog could produce a little bit of drizzle thursday and friday. global paid 500 million to settle a federal investigation into the distribution of online advertisements from a canadian firm is the legally selling prescription and nonprescription drugs to american consumers. gold
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will not face criminal prosecution but they have acknowledged that there are holes in their advertisements system. a federal lawsuit was filed last fall. they are now paying 500 million to settle this investigation. >> oakland a's are out of the playoffs. let's go to the second inning. to check out the home runs. brand and allen and the second inning crushed the ball to the third deck. that is only the second of all to reach that height in the new yankee stadium since spoke to thousand nine. hyundai's 01 at 6-5. see sees a bad kid takes the mound for the yankees tonight. hi this
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>> is a the third game with the giants in progress tonight. spot hot
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>> a lovely soliloquy, 680 traffic is a bumper to bumper. but --
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>> ,, arnold schwarzenegger will begin filming his new western the last stand in new mexico beginning in mid october. the crew is said to be very excited about working with arnold that there is some worry about whether or not the public will embrace arnold after his scandal. how the time is 7:58 a.m.. the kron for more news will be right back.
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... deshon marman
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>> >> i am darya folsom. >> i m mark danon, we are
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following several developing stores. the group anonymous and importance leaders will once again go head-to-head in oakland. for two weeks of a row, anonymous protests successfully forced march to shut down stations in san francisco during the evening commute. video on the left is from this past monday's protest and on the right from the monday prior. they will have to tackle many issues included a controversial decision to cut off cell phone service on bart's platforms. will tran it is live right now at the bart station in oakland. what will it take for anonymous to stop protesting >> they are not winning the public relations battle with bart riders. many say enough is enough. anonymous says that they will continue with protests already posted on the roadsides, on monday at 5:00
8:02 am
p.m. unless their demands are met. here are their demands. hawks >> i am concerned for the safety of our members as well as the safety of the public. when people did things like this, i understand their concern about free speech, but i'm also concerned about the passengers that we serve.
8:03 am
everyone has their right to voice their opinions, but it is the message that they use that is important. i do not think this is a very good method. >> she was also very critical of border. she says cutting off so phone service is something she does not support. she set perhaps embarked could have given one a heads up but they could not do that because it was a police strategy and a part of a tactic. coming up at 8:30 a.m. we will give you a bullet points # 4 and 5. >> 8 03 a.m.. an earthquake is the talk this morning as your waking up. it was shortly after 11:30 p.m.. a magnitude 3.6 earthquake shook san leandro and was felt for 5.5 mi.. people
8:04 am
throughout the east bay, san francisco and the peninsula, even parts of marin county felt this. one woman told me she was packing shed with her daughter who to center off to college to date. where earthquakes are something and we live with. on the east coast, they are not used to it at all. we're taking a look and some of
8:05 am
the damage in virginia. then, they had aftershocks that was everything from a 4.2, to a 2.2. this was one of the strongest earthquakes in district east coast since world war two. even the washington monument has to be checked out. the national cathedral is closed as well. they have to check for other cracks and damages, to make sure it is structurally sound. >> we have more pictures of the damage along the east coast. the epicenter of that earthquake. in this gross restore, the items on the shelves fell right down . press fell off of
8:06 am
buildings in baltimore. one man posted this picture on the kron 4 facebook page. how hot this right was trying to get married at the courthouse in lower manhattan, the building had to be evaluated. ha hothe police still close to this morning. one of the popular tourist attractions in the nation's capital is closed because of this fifth east coast earthquake. >> now, a hurricane is headed towards washington
8:07 am
d.c.. hurricane irene has strengthened this morning to a major hurricane. half a category three out of five. it is now making its way through the bahamas. this is when it was becoming a category one hurricane. power outages as the cleanup continues. here is video from the turks and caicos. evacuation orders are ready in the united states, the barrier islands off of north carolina. let's take a look at the hurricane passed. -- hurricane path. >> it is expected to go to the bahamas over the next 24 hours. when we will be right
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back does the kron 4 morning news continues. h
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>> this propane fire has been burned for hours outside of sacramento and the town of lincoln. you can see here how much fire in enflame the are dealing with. the concern is now that this is showing signs of melting. their risk is no increase for an explosion after the israel car caught fire of last night. firefighters are trying the best they can to keep it cool, but it does appear to be coming apart. this is something that we are really monitoring. the 29,000 gal. taker is overloaded with a liquid propane. the fire started last night. this is a video. thousands of homes
8:12 am
in the area have been evacuated. they have also canceled school. the first of school was supposed to happen in this town. school has been cancelled. they're keeping everyone away. developments in libya, from an unknown location, muammar gaddafi has told libyans to free tripoli. the speech aired on local television. gaddafi sounds subdued during the broadcast. that comes one day after libyan rebels stormed gaddafi's compounds and found no sign of him. this video shows the libyan rubbles celebrating in tripoli. more >> on the battle for tripoli. this just into the kron 4 news from, foreign journalists say they have been freed from a hotel after days of captivity.
8:13 am
journalists have been held there by gunpoint by some gun wielding guards. an associated press reporter found that the journalists were wearing helmets and jackets. they were all clustered together on the second floor and unable to leave. the journalists have been held captive for days and are now being moved to a safer location. >> we are watching wall street. we had eight better than expected durable goods rally than most analysts thought. the dow is up 19 right now to 11,196. ha
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>> the golden gate bridge, a
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combination of what looks to
8:18 am
be an easy trip through marin county. the drive time is under 34 minutes from navato to the golden gate bridge. the fog is pretty normal for san francisco. let's find out about the rest of the weather. >> here is the shot for mt. tam. low cloud cover, not widespread. visibility is not quite as low as it was yesterday. through the rest of the day we will cool down incredibly. a lot of such unexpected. 82 in morgan hill. we are keeping our eye on the north bay. a chance of thunderstorms. we
8:19 am
could see some lightning strikes out there. it looks like right now much of the activity is well to the north of us but still unstable. we're cooling down by about 10 degrees in san francisco. 11 degrees cooler in the san rafael. 10 degrees cooler through the san ramon valley. low sixties for mountain view and san jose. when cooling down to the 60s by the 9:00 p.m. hour. your 7 day around the bay, upper 80s in land.
8:20 am
why >> is is it difficult for people and pescadero. they're getting no more than a trickle into their homes. a lot of homes and businesses are still without water this morning. the well water is not safe to drink without being boiled. >> we have all water and running water but we cannot open the restaurant because the water has not been tested. they say that it could be contaminated. >> water by the gallon like this batch is being used in the meantime. until the pump is fixed, water is an issue. >> in california news, another death reported at use of a national park. park
8:21 am
rangers recover the body of a man who fell or jumped from house dome and plunged 4,000 ft. is deaf. a group of rock climbers saw someone fall but because it was nighttime rescue team was not dispatched until yesterday morning. this death marks the seventeenth this year to occur either in the park or due to injuries sustained in the park. former first lady nancy reagan was walking down the aisle at an event in calabasas when she slipped and lost her balance. she was being escorted by a florida senator mark o. rubio when she stumbled. she is 90 years old. she was hosting an event at her husband's presidential library. >> this san jose police department selected a new assistant chief of police.
8:22 am
her promotion follows 15 years of service. >> in other bay area news, a bunch of newspapers are going goodbye. there is a shake-up just announced yesterday that affects about eight dozen newspapers. here are some of the paper is affected. huang but one of
8:23 am
the 20 jobs will be lost. we have a programming note to tell you about tomorrow night. don hoff does that
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calls >> serial killer ted 7 care of a forecast. uh 88 for the high today. then we will have some heavy morning fog. the weekend clears out and warms up a little bit.
8:27 am
still looks like next week will be pretty nice as well. >> incoming freshmen to see the world differently than a lot of freshmen remember. the college kids entering school right now we're born in 1993. their televisions have never had dials. the
8:28 am
internet is older than the incoming freshman class. we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. down-home
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>> with a flurry achieve a developing story it opens, and the group anonymous can issues that have been brought to light, two weeks ago board decided to cut off social service at part
8:31 am
platforms to thwart a possible protest. anonymous wants a part to meet certain demands in order to stop the protests. let's take a look at what they want. they want guns taken away from bart police officers. they want to have a real investigation of the killing of charles hill, the 45 year-old man killed by border police. and they say that they will continue to have these protests every week until their demands are met. they also want a guarantee that part will not disrupt sulfone service again. when bart says if they feel they need to, they will. in the meantime, commuters have to brace for more protests. >> many commuters are really
8:32 am
upset at what is going on in the standoff between bart and the group anonymous. i am asking viewers which demands are valid if any. let me share some of the results. we are getting quite a few responses. viewers think the demands are valid. another person thinks many of them are valid. if you like to debate, check us out on kron 4 news. an earthquake here in the bay area just after 11:30 p.m.. 3.6 that hit near the hayward fault and san leandro. huang at about five minutes after that there was a 2.3 magnitude aftershock. no reports of damage or injuries. there
8:33 am
have already been four different aftershocks. we have surveillance video to show you from a liquor store in washington d.c. suburb. take a look at the jugs of wine. the employees said she thought something was moving from the other side of the wall but then a political bottles started falling. to these are the strongest earthquake to strike the east coast since world war two. we have a lot of damage from virginia to philadelphia and washington. no reports of deaths or serious injuries. >> the governor of north carolina to to the year to ensure people that they're taking the proper safety
8:34 am
precautions. >> we decided this morning to do hate cursory examination of state buildings. we're looking for any structural damage. that is a good safety precaution. >> north carolina is also the projected path of hurricane i rain. the local bay area -- the local barrier islands are already been evacuated. >> her can i read it is at a category 3 hurricane. honda we have a video of the damage in the pr. when this cross pr, it was only a tropical storm turning to a
8:35 am
category one hurricane. look at the damage it did. roads were washed away, cars were damaged and sinkholes formed. power outages are continuing on the island this morning. the storm is making its way to the north and northwest as a category 3 hurricane, just passing over the turks and caicos. passing over the bahamas. it looks like sort will be speared but probably some big waves headed their way. it is headed to the outer banks of the carolina coast. collect look at the past. offshore of washington d.c., new jersey and philadelphia. the possibility of tropical storm force winds. as a hurricane in might add, boston, providence, rhode island. george, a hot spot
8:36 am
on highway 4? >> a minor accident that will pass grow well over an hour ago, but it sat at the shoulder long enough that it has backed up the right. we are still looking at drug * a 45-46 minutes. 30-32 ms is the normal drive time from concord into antioch. men a bridge check, started on the bay bridge, is still a big back up. your drive time is 19 minutes. the backup is a
8:37 am
right to the macarthur maze. it is a fairly typical morning out of school is back in session. your ride on the san mateo bridge, there is word of an accident on highway 92. but looking at the golden gate bridge, white little but a fall. there are no problems on the bridge. we updated the drive time from marin county with the heaviest traffic in central marin from lotus valley road, speeds will drop to about 24 mi. per hour. still under 40 minutes from navato to the toll plaza. time for a check on weather with liza. >> we are dealing with some of that is fairly dense. a lot of blue skies.
8:38 am
temperatures will come down quite a bit. this is how cool temperatures are expected to get. and 11 degrees drop in san rafael. it looks like we will cool off about 10 degrees. temperatures in the '50s and '60s. up to about 60 in santa rosa. by the afternoon, your highs in the warmer locations, upper 80s. it could get up to 88 and places like los gatos and morgan hill. we will stay about the same thru thursday, friday at the weekend starts to warm up to bringing us back into the '90s. >> here is a live picture
8:39 am
out of washington d.c.. we're looking at a picture of the washington monument. the washington monument is closed indefinitely. hot it
8:40 am
8:41 am
what call if a hot thing
8:42 am
8:43 am
>> >> to the news and bad news hit, the oakland a's were able to snatch up a rare win against the yankees. check out this shot. the ball was crushed to the third deck. that is the second of all to reach that height in the new yankee stadium. holidays 16- 5. >> the reason i go is to see the long balls. the giants lost this time to the padres. i am going to the
8:44 am
game tonight, join us at the giants' game tonight. we will see by the blue. lucille will also be there. that is my guest for mother's night out. we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. the
8:45 am
8:46 am
stock stayed to revere. r
8:47 am
them this 1/2 data behof >> on 8:47 a.m.. we're taking a peek at the street. stocks have fallen. we're looking to it earlier this morning. the dow is now off by 80 points. we are still trading above 11,000.
8:48 am
>> a hot spot on highway 4. george has the latest. we are actually getting a look at the ride on the golden gate bridge. we were just updating the drive time in marin county. 101 southbound. today, the drive times have been staying around a 33-34 minutes. it continues to be a good ride. the highway for hotspot has cleared up as well. on the bay bridge, the westbound ride, the back of is reaching to the end of the macarthur maze and the berkeley curved. the drive times are running 17-19 minutes for the westbound bay bridge ride. there are currently no stalls or accidents. there was an accident reported was found
8:49 am
before the toll plaza, traffic is a little sluggish but is not going to end at any time to your approach. the drive times on the bridge are running 13-14 minutes in the westbound and eastbound directions. we have been talking a lot about bar to this morning. the computer itself has been quiet with no delays reporter for caltrain or ace train. now, a check on weather. >> visibility is really low as it along the coast of the golden gate. we are actually getting some nice sunshine out there. the big story is the cool down. we are out of
8:50 am
the '70s today and back down to the upper 50s. mid-upper 60s. hot as we take you through the morning, by 9:00 a.m., a mixture of '60s and '70s. tomorrow morning, more fog and drizzle expected.
8:51 am
>> kron 4 has received numerous tips about something taking place in the castro district. we will show you with stanley roberts down, there is some harsh and demeaning language. >> this man is enjoying a pastrami sandwich on the corner of castro and seventeenth. i know what you are thinking, what kind of icc drinking? this man is having a conversation before heading off to take care of some important business. hopper this man, let's just say he has a pretty colorful language. i thought that castro was all about
8:52 am
tolerance. how did i mention he is naked, just like the rest of the men i showed you. that left some people literally speechless. >> do most people just hang out naked in san francisco? >> just about any day of the week it is not uncommon at seeing a naked man let it all hang out. for some people that have become an attraction and for some, an eyesore. this family from iowa had this to say. >> i like it. >> apparently in san francisco, as long as you are not committing a lewd acts, you do not have to wear any clothing. if you wear sagging pants, you go to jail, but the naked in public and you get to sit on a log tape. >> the only problem i have, it is always the wrong
8:53 am
people who have their clothes on. >> in san francisco, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >> did you notice that stanley never showed us what he was wearing? >> 8:52 a.m.. we're back with more in a couple of minutes. we are looking to live at the golden gate bridge. traffic is pretty heavy. it is moving ok at this point. we will be right back. kahane
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8:56 am
>> should welcome back. in a bus, with white powder. the person claimed it was anthrax but it turned out to be harmless. he said that he is not a big fan of that sort of thing. the fbi and police are investigating the situation. >> we want to take a look
8:57 am
at the 7 day around the bay forecast. we are looking for a nice day, but not as hot. comfortably warm. 80 degrees. thursday and friday, a lot of fog. for the weekend, with clear that out. coming up, bart executives will be holding a special meeting in the next few minutes. we will tell you what they're talking about. >> we are going to be speaking with a seismologist coming up about the earthquake.
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>> we are following several developing stories. >> and oakland, the group anonymous and important leaders are going head-to- head. for two weeks protests have shut down bar to in their san francisco stations during the height of the rush hour commute. the bart executives are holding a special meeting at the kaiser center in oakland at this hour. they are talking about many of the issues that have been brought up. one of those issues was cutting off cellphone service on the bart's platforms to interrupt protests by the group anonymous. kate did that once the have not done that again. that is one thing anonymous ones in part to address. here are some of the demands they're making. they want the bark spokesperson fired and the police chief. it won new training for war to police
9:01 am
officers and they want an apology for the downed cellphone service. they also want guns taken away from bar to police and they want the investigation reopened in to the killing of trawls hill. they say that unless the demands are met and they will continue the protest sweetly. earlier we spoke to the head of the bart transit union, here is what he had to say. >> i am concerned for the safety of our members and the safety of the public. what people do things like this, i understand their reasoning and concerned about free speech but i am also concerned about the passengers that we serve. everyone has a right to voice their opinions on what they feel and the method they use. i do not think that this method was a very good method.
9:02 am
>> the meeting is underway right now at the kaiser center in oakland. we will, to that for you. a magnitude 3.6 earthquake near san leandro was sells for about 5.5 mi.. joining us right now is fred hagar with the u.s. seismologist position. >> this earthquake last night, a 3.6 near san leandro was on the hayward fault. it was followed by three different aftershocks in a magnitude 1-2 range. >> any worries that this is a pretty shocked leading to something else? >> we have earthquakes of this magnitude generally on a weekly basis. this is just another reminder that the fault is active. we expect
9:03 am
earthquakes to occur. there is a one in three chance of a major earthquake or a larger event in the next 30 years. >> what do you say about the va fault that none of us really knew about? >> we lost bread. we do have some amazing video of what happens in the east. >> to this normally does not happen on the east coast. this is video inside of a pharmacy. this woman jumps out of the window and started running. how do not know she new-line was going on, a lot of people to realize that this was an earthquake because it is so rare the aftershocks have
9:04 am
been rocking the area as well. yesterday's earthquake was one of the strongest to hit the east coast since world war two. we have reports of people thinking that it was a bomb, a helicopter or something that ran into the building. this is george washington's estate in mount vernon. that was one of the landmarks that was shaken. they have to check of the washington monument and the washington cathedral. they're looking for possible cracks. it want to make sure it is structurally sound. take a listen to what people had to say about feeling in their very first earthquake. >> i looked out the window,
9:05 am
i saw the building shaking. we are in a meeting and i said, i have to leave. >> another major concern, the nuclear power plants, one was 12 mi. away and automatically shut down. donald trump, by the way state in his office building and it worked. >> we are tracking a hot spot on highway 4, let's go to george for the update. >> we continue to see things improve on highway 4 in the westbound direction. that is starting to clear. the drive time is getting back to normal. we have a new problem in the south bay.
9:06 am
101 in the northbound direction. the problem was an accident past blossom hill road that slowed the traffic from highway 85, pushing the drive time up to 26 minutes in the 80 interchange. normally that should be 12-14 minutes. you might want to use highway 880854 highway 88087 if you are looking for an alternate route. on the debris to we're looking at a back up on the westbound ride. the drive time is 17-18 minutes from interstate 80. there are no reason problems but there have been heavy traffic all morning. as an detailed bridge continues to be a smooth commute. there was a crash was down before the toll plaza but no longer a backup. your ride on the golden gate bridge has been pretty simple through marin county. we have heavy traffic southbound between look is valley road and linkedin. here is a check on
9:07 am
weather and the weather center. hawks >> we wanted to show you this shot. the bridge was socked in this morning. some pretty dense fog hanging on to the clothesline. by the afternoon, temperatures will be much cooler. a significant drop in those temperatures, 60s along the coast, '70s and '80s as a head to some of those inland locations. more on temperatures and a full look at your forecast coming up. we will be right back after this break.
9:08 am
9:09 am
9:10 am
>> hurricane irene has strengthened to a category three with winds of 115 mi. per hour. we just get an update on the forecast from the national hurricane center. a major hurricane, a category 3 making its way through the bahamas. it is expected to stay a category
9:11 am
three as a high of the storm brushes past the of our banks of the carolinas. tropical forest storm winds in washington d.c. and philadelphia. it will stare hurricane as it moves over the eastern half of long island. some very heavy rain and wind. the entire east coast is bracing for possible effects of hurricane irene. >> we have the latest in a situation at libya. journalists say they have now been freed from a hotel after five days in captivity. here is video of the hotel in tripoli. journalists were held against their will. they are now being moved to another hotel. here is video of rebels. this shows people
9:12 am
carrying weapons. networks have aired in two different audio messages that are said to be from the libyan leader. muammar gaddafi is urging supporters not to give up. his whereabouts are still unknown. his friend, a russian chess player says that he has talked with the libyan leader. >> he calls me by phone. i was very surprised. he said that he is in tripoli. he
9:13 am
does not want to leave his homeland. he wants to defend his country and he wants to think everyone who is supporting his country and for those who are fighting against the rebel forces. >> forces say they are controlling about 90 percent of libya. the kron 4 morning news will be right back.
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
>> stocks are up over 50 points for the doubt. a better than expected durable goods report coming out. now, the dow was down 32. the dow was at 11,144. >> a lot of sunshine in of walnut creek. everyone is in
9:17 am
for a cool down. here is a look at the east bay forecasts. oakland will warm to about 70 degrees. hayward, a lot of sunshine. as we get into the livermore valley, we're out of the '90s. a little bit of relief from the heat. we are in the '70s right now, 74 for antioch, 72 for concord. we're starting to slowly season morning in san francisco. in the afternoon, a significant cool down. through the san ramon valley, in the mid-upper 80s. through the east bay, we will hold onto about 70 degrees and berkeley and
9:18 am
oakland. a bit of a cool down. along the coast, we will stay into the 60s. here is your 7 day around the bay. after today we will get rid of those are roller- coaster temperatures. a fairly nice weekend on tap. the time right now is 9:18 a.m.. let's get a check on the ride with the torch. >> on the bay bridge we're no longer tracking any hot spots, but the bay bridge is much improved. at its worst, it was a 22 minute drive time back to the macarthur maze. now, the drive times
9:19 am
are running about 16 minutes, 14 minutes if your coming from 880. that is the shortest approach to the bay bridge and the quickest drive time across the span. there are no problems coming down through the lower east shore freeway. the golden gate bridge, we will get to that in a moment. highway 92 is still heavy from the toll plaza. it is a little heavier than usual for this time of the morning. the drive times are still the same. 13-15 minutes from end to end. the golden gate bridge and the right to the fog this morning, dry * are under 30 minutes. for your right on highway 80, the nimitz freeway, the southbound commuter books
9:20 am
good from a word on to highway 92. >> water is slowly coming back to pescadero. " water pump failed leaving people high and dry all week. craig skalar it tells us it will be a while longer before the water is safe to drink. >> this park ranger is going from house to house testing the water quality. here are some pictures from an earlier spot where he was testing chloroform and other impurities. they installed a new pond in the early morning. >> we have to get everything tested. >> in the meantime, people are relying on a bottled water. businesses as well.
9:21 am
>> new assistant chief of police have been selected. a 25 year veteran of the department. >> a news group is combining papers to save money. about one dozen newspapers. it some major papers are going to go under a different name. the oakland tribune will be gone. how the elegant *, all of these will not be known as the east bay tribune. the east county times, the contra costa
9:22 am
times and the san mateo county times, those are all going to be branded under the name mercury news. >> a quick break as the kron 4 morning news continues. hot a pretty looking morning around the bay. we have a programming note to tell you about for tomorrow beginning at 8:00 p.m.. and his 1/2
9:23 am
9:24 am
9:25 am
hot rocks when a >> we are keeping our eyes on wall street. a fairly quiet trading day. the dow jones has been wavering. right now just a few points. we will keep our eyes on the markets. >> another death reported in yosemite national park. pearl rangers recovered the body of a man who fell or jumped to his death from the summit of house dome.
9:26 am
bunched 4,000 ft. to his death. a group of rock climbers saw someone fall but because it was dark, the rescue team was not dispatched until yesterday morning and looking to the body yesterday afternoon. this is the seventeenth desk this year at yosemite. former first lady nancy reagan and her husband's presidential library last night and watched this. the 90 year-old sort of collapse forty second. she's lived in was about to fall when she was caught on the arm by her escort, senator mark o. reveal who was attending an event at the presidential library. she recovered and continued walking. >> a quick check on the bay area weather. the fog is starting to break up. morning fog and afternoon sun. kohl still high is
9:27 am
getting up to near 70 degrees. a quick break as the kron 4 morning news returns in two minutes. a live look from the james lick.
9:28 am
9:29 am
>> a big story developing an oakland, the group anonymous and march of leaders are supposed to be talking today, at least we think they will. we are waiting to see if anyone from anonymous shows up. there you can see the protests from monday and on the right. they forced part to shut down manifestations. will tran is live outside of the meeting in oakland. is anything under way? have you seen anyone from anonymous?
9:30 am
>> started about 10 minutes ago. anonymous is very angry at to part. there is no one that looks like a member of an anonymous. right now, it is very quiet. here is a video of the meeting. one barge distance telephone service, that disrupted a lot of members of anonymous. the board director said that this is just an informational meeting. they will come back in about a month to come up with a hard policy. as far as members of anonymous, i do not see anyone carrying a placard at
9:31 am
this time. there is plenty of space for people to come. the bart police officers were ready to this. not only are there police officers in the board meeting, outside of the room and the oakland police department is assisting. how can they say that they're here to monitor the situation. now, things seem to be very peaceful. >> i asked viewers on our fan page, now that they know the demands of anonymous,
9:32 am
did they think that those demands are fair? viewers are not of the buzzing with the group anonymous. take a look at the responses that are coming in. >> if you like to live your own comments, like us on facebook stock,. >> following the latest with the earthquakes back east and in the bay area, shaking around 11:00 p.m.. a 3.6 magnitude earthquake. it was 5.5 mi. deep and widely felt throughout the bay area. about five minutes after, there was a 2.3
9:33 am
magnitude aftershock. a different story back east. a 5.8 magnitude earthquake that hit yesterday in virginia. it was felt all the way towards boston, new york, philadelphia and of course washington. there were four different aftershocks' ranging from 4.2-2.2. we have surveillance from liquor store inside of a washington d.c. suburb. the employee thought someone was building the wall from the other side. it was one of the strongest earthquake to strike the east coast since world war two. there were some injuries. >> to of the places that were hit hard happen to be in washington d.c. at the washington monument. there are cracks are towards the top. the building was evacuated and is now closed
9:34 am
indefinitely. they're trying to figure out of the building is structurally sound. also, the natural cathedral has three stones that broke off at the top of the tower. the stained glass inside seems to be fine. when in this store all the items off of the shelves and on to the floor. the most popular picture of the earthquake aftermath, we posted this on our facebook fan page and we asked people to put up their own captions. we did get some hilarious comments. what is going on here, a bride was about to say her ideas. if she is on the run with her heels and a cell phone in
9:35 am
hand. hopefully she will be able to tie the knot later. those are some of the pictures. >> following the earthquake, the governor of north carolina went on television this morning assuring everyone that they're taking the proper precautions. let's take a listen. >> we have decided this morning to do a very 6 cursory examination on the state buildings in any of the areas that may have been impacted by the earthquake for any kind of structural damage. we think that is a good safety precaution to take. >> north carolina is of the projected path of hurricane eileen. the governor says to the are preparing for the worst. fema is arriving in the area today. evacuations
9:36 am
are already under way on the barrier islands. >> the storm has been strengthening. the latest report from the national hurricane center, the winds have increased. it is a category 3 hurricane. hikes it will head up through the bahamas in the it will stay off of the coast of florida but a direct hit to right off of the carolinas. the barrier islands by saturday night. the also the coast of washington and over chesapeake bay. it could bring heavy rain to the washington area. philadelphia as well. it will hit eastern long island. comparable-store warnings for new york city on sunday. sunday night and early monday morning, we could see the eye of what would be a category one hurricane passing right near the city of boston. we
9:37 am
are watching the storm very closely. we have a new video to show you what the storm did in the pr. a cross with regard as a category one. it started as a tropical storm. look at the damage from the week hurricanes. >> bay area weather. louisa hodge has an update. >> downtown san francisco, a lot of blue skies and a breeze. hunters will be much colder than they were yesterday. morgan hill getting some relief from the heat. tenders are expected
9:38 am
to get cooler as we have today. we will have a full look at your forecast coming up. >> we are continuing to monitor the bay bridge. we are not tracking and the hot spots. the backup had reached to the macarthur maze but now reaches to the eight key over crossing. the drive time is 13-15 minutes for the westbound ride. hot >> 9:38 a.m.. we are back in a couple of minutes. here is a look from the roof on van ness ave.
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
>> we are watching a the area baseball. hot the
9:42 am
oakland a's are. they were able to snatch up the rear of wind. check out this homeland. when that ball went into the third deck. that is only the second time that has ever happened. " the oakland a's won a six- five. tonight, as he sees a bad kid takes the mound. the bad news, the giants lost to the san diego padres. they scored three runs in the bottom of the aid and the game was tied five-five. the world series champs are two
9:43 am
games behind the diamondbacks. we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues.
9:44 am
9:45 am
hobart hot
9:46 am
>> 90 5:00 a.m.. him walk walnut creek is one of those spots with a lot of sunshine. we are dealing with some coastal fog. as we head into the afternoon, most locations are in for a significant cool down. 60s along the coast, '70s and '80s inland. those drops in temperature are between 10- 15 degrees. hot right now tenders are warming up quickly. 57 and san
9:47 am
francisco and '60s in the north bay. in the afternoon, and abundance of the '80s. in mountain view, we will stay in the '70s. mid-80s in the san ramon valley. in the east bay we could squeeze out some 70 degrees readings. 76 and vallejo. here is your 7 day around the bay.
9:48 am
>> we are still on one thing at this morning's commute. a bridge check shows that at the bay bridge we're looking at a minor weight. a 15 minute drive time from the macarthur maze. less is your coming from the 880. we are a problem free on the stand right now. your ride on the san mateo bridge looks good as well with lighter traffic coming from the toll plaza out to the high rise in the westbound direction. your marin county ride has been easy all morning long. there have been no problems on the golden gate. when earlier recurring problem, a stalled bus has been cleared out of the lanes.
9:49 am
>> new details in that police standoff that close portions of 580 for more than a day. we have a newly released photograph of the gunman. peter thomas. he fired several shots towards the interstate. that is when the interstate was shut down. police say that thomas was wanted for the stabbing of a grocery store clerk in san rafael. here is the confrontation that occurred. the standoff ended after 30 hours one officers found thomas dead in his hotel room. they say that he took his own life. >> still looks like bryan still is getting worse. the family says that he has been running a high fever and tests show that he is developing new infections. this is after a third round of surgery's.
9:50 am
>> in one company has found inspiration in a fist bomb. gabe slate explains. >> what you are about to witness is pretty cool into the future of how we interact through our mobile phones. david wants set to have his contact information. he is going to pass him that information by simply bumping phones. bumpers technology and silicon valley wants us to be able to bump over anything from one fund to another. they can pass pictures from one phone to another. why it is quicker and easier than sending an e-mail or picture text message. it is designed to
9:51 am
work with paypal. the payment process took under 30 seconds. this could be a quick and easy way to settle a bar tab. this technology works now with iphone. it will be coming to a android google phones too soon and eventually all phones. in the future we could be doing a lot of phone bumping. gabe slate, kron 4 news. >> sponsored by toshiba satellite series. >> here i am still paying the bill. " we are back with more and a couple of minutes. hot we have a
9:52 am
programming note to tell you about for thursday. we will be airing nbc programming.
9:53 am
when in when a bad it a
9:54 am
boat on but
9:55 am
>> chagrin morning, and justine waldman la nina kron 4 news room. " we are getting some unconfirmed reports of a possible bank robbery on fitzgerald drive. we are zooming in on the exact location. police are on the scene right now. here is a stroll to drive. we believe it is a wells fargo bank. there is heavy police presence in the area. we had a caller who said there was possibly gunfire there. we'll have
9:56 am
more information an hour later newscast and on our web site. >> it's in the bus, the royal family has welcomed a new female. camilla and prince charles adopted a puppy. does >> the dog count as it will do? >> the dow jones is wavering after earlier gains. >> take a look at the 7 day around the bay forecast. we will hit 90 by the weekend. it is looking pretty good for this weekend. >> they do for joining us.
9:57 am
>> this is the mindset list. this is what the kids are thinking. >> they did this to remind professors about the mindset of the incoming freshman class. >> there is a dealer could be their father so there
9:58 am
were in diapers when o.j. simpson was put on trial. >> dr. phil is coming up next.
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